One Response to “Running For Office – Lessons Learned/Confirmed”

  1. lacquiparle Says:

    The most effective thing I have done to get information, be engaged and have a chance to contribute my thoughts is to join various organizations and attend meetings. Things I have tried to do alone have not been of much use, either to me or others. Neighborhood organizations, civic groups, work-related associations, have all been productive. The meetings they have can also build trust, because they often invite elected or appointed government officials, outside of the election process, and I have often had to chance to talk to them one on one while having coffee, but even without this personal touch it is very helpful in building trust (or sometimes doubt) to hear them talk and answer questions from the floor. I’m going to keep on doing this because this kind of participation adds a lot to what I get from newspapers, TV, websites, etc. and gives me a chance to feel that I’m making a contribution.

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